TNT Express Orta Doğu ve Afrika Bölgesi İnsan Kaynakları Direktörü Wasim Javed, sorumlu olduğu bölgedeki TNT çalışanlarını, ‘You Matter’ programı ile nasıl bir araya getirdiğini anlatıyor. Otuzdan fazla millete ait çalışanı, ortak ilgi alanları, yetenekleri, eğlenceleri, hayat tarzları gibi noktalarda buluşturan program, ülkeler arası büyük bir çalışan etkileşimi oluşturmuş.

Wasim Javed

As Human Resources Director for the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, I’m responsible for HR in what is arguably one of the most exciting geographies at this moment. Since I joined TNT in 2001, I have worked in different HR roles across the world. Now I live in Dubai.

We are part of a booming frontier market and TNT MEA has been delivering good results in recent years. It includes nine very diverse TNT-managed countries (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa and Namibia) and many Associates. But this growth market brings its own challenges in talent attraction and retention. So I’m continuously looking for new ways to make TNT a great place to work for our employees

Research shows employee engagement has a direct impact on the bottom line. Billions of euros are lost annually due to employee turnover. On the upside, companies with engaged employees outperform those where engagement is lower.*

That’s why we launched You Matter in March, a long-term engagement programme running into next year. You Matter is about engaging employees through simple initiatives to bring people together, promote their talent and have fun.

The MEA region is a melting pot with employees of more than thirty nationalities. But we all share similar concerns and interests: health, family, winning, fun and festivities, the environment and networking. So we designed You Matter around what we have in common, with activities relating to each area of interest. These range from fitness classes to a family fun day, alongside sales and customer service contests, movies, and little things like distributing fruit once a week during the summer to everyone in the office.


‘Paint your Passion’ – one of the contests in the You Matter programme, allowed employees to share their passion about TNT by painting why TNT is a great place to work. This team art contest helped employees unleash their creativity and started a buzz throughout the region. Employees even posted their creations on social media.

Country and regional management teams joined in by selecting the winning paintings based on criteria including inspirational qualities, authenticity and aesthetic value. All 1,500 employees across MEA were involved and their enthusiasm was contagious. We were determined to make it fun and discover hidden talent, and the competition inspired some amazing creations, reflective of the MEA region and its diversity.

The nature of the MEA region and its far-reaching challenges makes my job unique. I enjoy working in this region and do all I can to understand its complexities. Alongside my usual HR-related activities, I spend time every day talking with HR professionals in the countries to grasp the constantly changing geo-political situation.

Some days are difficult – for example, when a bombing requires quick action to ensure the safety of our employees and operational facilities. The most recent challenges are the unrest in Egypt and the spread of the Ebola virus in West Africa. We need to issue travel bans, review security and ensure our employees stay safe.

I’m Indian, born in New Delhi, but consider myself a global citizen as I have lived in many countries including the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates. Working with the variety of cultures in the MEA region adds to the excitement of my job. TNT has provided me with extraordinary opportunities to develop throughout my career and I am very proud to contribute. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in the world.