TNT Express, Avusturalya’nın büyük kıyı şehirleri Sidney, Melbourne ve Brisbane’de büyük altyapı çalışmaları başlattı. TNT’nin Avusturalya’daki güçlü hizmet ağını daha da artıracak yeni yapılanmasının çalışmalarını, Avusturalya Altyapı Operasyon Direktörü Curtis Berry anlattı:

“We have already upgraded our facility on the West Coast by building our brand new Perth Hub with an automatic sorting system capable of handling more than 10,000 items per hour. The improvements underway at key East Coast locations are the next step to bringing all our facilities up to state-of-the-art level. This will give us the most modern infrastructure among our competitors.”

TNT’s flagship depot in Welshpool W.A. represents $40 million investment.

TNT Express’ facility in Perth, with its new automatic sorter, sets the standard for improvements in other Australian facilities.


“In each city we are consolidating existing facilities where needed and upgrading equipment. We expect all improvements and new facilities to be up and running during the first half of 2015.”


According to Curtis, “These significant investments in infrastructure demonstrate TNT Express’ commitment to the future of the business in Australia. The new facilities and equipment are safer and offer more efficient and effective working conditions for employees.”

Improvements in Sydney involve migrating five sites to three (Botany, Erskine Park, Enfield) by 2015.


Activities in Homebush, Lidcombe and Chullora depots will be grouped together in a new fully automated hub, Erskine Park, currently under construction. The leases of two of these depots expire in 2015, making now the ideal time to transition to a new location.

Erskine Park (artist’s rendering) will provide warehouse space exceeding 30,000m² and processing capacity for 25,000 parcels per hour.


Specially designed according to the current and future needs of the business, Erskine Park will provide growth capacity for at least the next 10 years.

Tex Gunning, CEO TNT Express, joined Bob Black, Managing Director TNT Express Australia/New Zealand and colleagues in Sydney for several days which included the ground breaking ceremony of the future Erskine Park hub in December 2013.


During his visit, Tex met with a number of TNT Express’ major customers in Australia, who appreciated the level of investment in infrastructure and the benefits it will bring them. These improvements will enable more cost-efficient operational processes and contribute to a perfect transaction experience for customers.

Construction work started in January 2014 at Erskine Park.


Since groundbreaking, construction is progressing quickly at the Erskine Park site.


The Melbourne infrastructure improvements are well underway, involving consolidating four sites to two, (New Tullamarine and Hallam) whilst exiting sites in Laverton, Campbellfield and old Tullamarine.

The new Tullamarine facility will be conveniently located at Melbourne airport, on a site exceeding 121,000m2. The 38,000m2 warehouse will be equipped with a new sorting system capable of handling more than 20,000 items per hour initially and the potential to handle more than 30,000 items per hour in the future.


In Brisbane, a new fully automated facility will replace the outdated Salisbury hub / depot. The Eaglefarm depot will be retained and optimised.