TNT Express’in 11 Ekim’de yedincisi düzenlenecek sürdürülebilir sürüşü destekleyen yarışması Drive Me Challenge yaklaşıyor. Ülkelerdeki ön yarışmalar, uluslararası yarışmada kendi branşlarındaki yeteneklerini sergileyecek sürücüler için özel bir platform görevi üstlenirken aynı zamanda sürücülerimiz Drive Me’nin stratejik ve sosyal sorumluluk hedefleri konusunda bilinçlendiriliyor. TNT Express İngiltere-İrlanda ve TNT Express Çin ön yarışmalarıyla ilgili detayları paylaştı

TNT Express İngiltere-İrlanda ve TNT Express Çin ön yarışmalarıyla ilgili detaylar:

TNT Express UK & Ireland annually hosts an Operational Excellence Competition for its drivers, loading bank operatives and fork lift truck operators. “This allows our experts to demonstrate their skills, technical and theoretical knowledge, and safety practices.” says Dave Copping, Learning & Development Manager – Operations TNT Express UK & Ireland. “Following a stringent entry process, more than 200 colleagues were short listed and the top 12 entrants for each discipline were invited to compete.”

Since 2008 the Operational Excellence Competition is also the pre-round for the global Drive Me final. A forklift drivers’ competition has always been part of the Ops Excellence Competition with an average of 50 participants.

This year Graham Fitters won the forklift challenge of the Ops Excellence Competition for the second time running. “It was fantastic. My depot has supported me and I feel privileged to take part in the global competition. I’m excited about trying to win it – I’m feeling very positive but it will be challenging.” Graham also competed in the final of an external lift truck competition on 20 September, organised by RTITB, the largest lift truck training accrediting body in the UK & Ireland.

Ben Breen, a Loading Bay Apprentice just under 20 years of age, qualified for the final of the Operational Excellence Competition. Reaching finalist position is quite an achievement as Ben has only been with TNT Express for less than two years.
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TNT Express Greater China gathered candidates from depots across mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to participate in final pre-rounds at its Shanghai Branch. The twelve PUD drivers and seven forklift drivers who competed were selected during regional contests.

“Throughout the pre-rounds our colleagues promote what Drive Me is all about,” says Cindy Li, Q&CSR Manager of TNT Greater China. “They display their driving and customer experience skills and learn from each other. For our drivers this is a special opportunity to communicate with colleagues in China and worldwide, so the interest level is very high. They prepare extensively for the pre-round competition to perform at their best.”

All candidates must meet a high road safety, accident-free performance standard. PUD drivers are evaluated on fuel efficiency, customer experience, road safety, and basic vehicle maintenance skills. Seven forklift drivers participated in the pre-rounds and were judged on their skills in speed and precision. “This is a very valuable opportunity for me to compete with excellent drivers from all over the world,” says Feng Yu, the winning forklift driver from Shanghai. “The spirit of the Drive Me challenge exists not only in this competition but also in our daily work.”

Despite temperatures reaching 40ºC on the day of the competition, performance was premium. Drivers from mainland China took time for teamwork, helping colleagues from Hong Kong adapt to a different vehicle model. Hao Dong, winning PUD driver from Nanjing Branch, looks forward to the global competition. “This is my second time representing TNT Greater China at Drive Me,” Hao Dong notes. “I want to demonstrate our drivers’ ability and I have confidence that I will perform well.”