Çevre dostu araç kullanım bilincini yaymayı hedefleyen Drive Me Challenge yarışmasının 7.si bu sene 11 Ekim tarihinde Hollanda’da düzenlenecektir.

Araç kullanan dünya çapındaki TNT Express çalışanlarının katılacağı yarışmada, çevre dostu olmanın yanısıra yakıt tasarruflu sürüş teknikleri, güvenli sürüş ve müşterilere en iyi teslimat deneyimini yaşatmak öncelikler arasında olacaktır.


Guardians of excellent customer experience
Each day, TNT Express’ drivers across the world come into contact with our customers more than 600,000 times. This puts our drivers in pole position to convey the value of our brand. The annual Drive Me Challenge gives all our employed and subcontracted pick-up and delivery (PUD) and forklift drivers the opportunity to showcase their skills in a friendly competition with a strategic aim: to engage, educate and inspire. It supports the key role of drivers in our business and our strategy to deliver an excellent customer experience.

“The global Drive Me Challenge is an exciting event that allows drivers to measure their skills and to position themselves as ambassadors of their profession. It gives them the recognition they deserve,” says Willem Prinsen, Managing Director, TNT Express Benelux. The challenge focuses on the role drivers play in environmentally-friendly, fuel efficient driving, and health and safety on the road.

Event details
This year’s event will be co-hosted by ERN (Express Road Network) and TNT Express Benelux on 11 October 2013 at the ERN premises in Duiven, the Netherlands, reflecting the importance of our unrivalled European road network to support continued growth.

For the first time, a forklift driving challenge will be held in addition to the PUD challenge. We employ about 30,000 people in our warehouses worldwide, many of whom operate forklifts, a skill that requires sprinter’s speed combined with surgical precision. Forklift operators contribute to the success of our pick-up and delivery cycle, so they are a natural addition to Drive Me.

Each Business Unit, as well as TNT Innight, Fashion and ERN, may nominate one team consisting of a PUD driver, senior manager (co-driver) and forklift driver. The challenge is designed to replicate a day’s work for the drivers with some special driving manoeuvres as well. PUD teams are assessed on fuel efficiency, speed, road safety and customer experience, whereas forklift drivers are assessed on handling speed, loading skill and precision, knowledge of warehouse regulations, and health and safety rules.

drive me

How does it work?
The PUD team, comprised of the PUD driver and senior manager, and the forklift driver from each entity will start the competition together. Then PUD and forklift drivers separate to participate in different challenges, which are scored separately. A special prize will be awarded to the best overall performing country / BU team.

Country pre-rounds are currently being held to select the drivers who will represent their country or Business Unit. “The country pre-rounds are crucial: they create buy-in and allow us to reach large groups of TNT drivers and staff with critical messages about the value of the Drive Me Challenge for the whole of TNT and for our customers,” says Bas Janssen, Managing Director, ERN.

Drive Me is part of TNT Express’ commitment to Corporate Responsibility (CR), which consists of three main focus areas: Health & Safety, Environment, and Social & Engagement initiatives. It addresses these focus areas and recognises drivers for the important job they do every day. Perry Heijne, Director Corporate Responsibility, notes that the Drive Me concept is also shared beyond TNT Express. “Our partner Fleet Forum is helping to organise the event this year. As a neutral party, they are in a better position to introduce the Drive Me Challenge to other organisations and engage them in the benefits of the event,” he notes.